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Crystalline Silica Dust Reforms Introduced

The new Crystalline Silica regulations were approved and put into effect on November 15, 2021, and will be introduced in phases to provide duty holders enough time to prepared for the relevant changes to their duties and obligations. The second phase, commencement of “high risk crystalline silica work” reform, is set to commence on the 15 May 2022 and introduces new regulatory oversight of high risk crystalline silica work outside of engineered stone across all industries, including the construction and earth resources industries.

Crystalline silica dust is a hazardous substance which can lead to serious health effects if it is inhaled. When engineered stone products and/or material with high crystalline silica content (i.e., some forms of quartz, basalt, siltstone, and sandstone) are processed/excavated, for example by cutting, grinding with power tools and machinery, fine dust containing crystalline silica is released into the air. People working with these products, such as stonemasons and construction workers, are at high risk of being exposed to the dust if it is not controlled. Exposure can result in silicosis, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, lung cancer, kidney damage and scleroderma.

High risk crystalline silica work is work that is reasonably likely to result in an airborne concentration of respirable crystalline silica that exceeds half the exposure standard; or a risk to the health of a person at the workplace. The current exposure standard for respirable crystalline silica dust is 0.05 mg/m3 as a time-weighted average (TWA) airborne concentration over 8 hours. However, WorkSafe Victoria recommends that employers take a precautionary approach and reduce employees’ exposure to below 0.02 mg/m3 as an 8-hour TWA to prevent silicosis and minimise the risk of lung cancer.

Work Safe for high risk crystalline silica work requires a “crystalline silica hazard control statement”, which is a document that outlines the following:

· stating the associated hazards and risks, and

· describes measures to control the risks, and how these will be implemented, and

· if an analysis is required (under r319O), contains its results, and

· is readily accessible and comprehensible to persons who use it.


To assess if a site is deemed high risk, the regulation requires that before undertaking such work an employer and/or self-employed persons undertakes a risk assessment to identify whether the process or combination of processes is high risk, or identify that it is high risk work.


The risk assessment must take into account:

· the specific tasks or processes;

· the form of crystalline silica to be used;

· the proportion of crystalline silica in the material;

· previous atmospheric monitoring results;

· the likely frequency and duration of exposure to crystalline silica dust;

· any information about incidents, illnesses or diseases associated with exposure to crystalline silica dust at the workplace.


For further information please refer to more information from Worksafe

Prepared by the ALDE Safety & Environment subcommitee.

The first Leadership in Land Development Luncheon for 2022 was a great success. Held at the Langham Hotel in Southbank Melbourne, this was the first time we offered an in person and hybrid event.

Our fabulous speaker Rachel Lunn of Melbourne Water shared some invaluable insights on her journeys within the land development industry. The industry panel featuring Monica George of GHD Australia and Sarah Watkins from Melbourne Water/Stormwater Victoria was a crowd favourite for their candour and interesting perspectives. Suzi Finkelstein from Women & Leadership Australia/Australian School of Applied Management spoke to the challenges females face within STEMs and broader industries.

You can read a full write up of this event on our LinkedIn page

A big thank you to our Event Sponsors: Millar | MerriganBildUrban, &  The Civil & Surveying Institute 12d Solutions.

The next event in the series will be in May 2022 and the theme will be ‘transformation.’

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 ALDE SubCommittees

Ever wondered what happens on an ALDE subcommittee? A lot of our initiatives, direction and activities are undertaken by the fantastic volunteers who make up the various subcommittees. They meet regularly and workshop and co-ordinate a lot of the ‘behind the scenes’ of our organisation.

ALDE has 14 subcommittees and they cover a range of different areas of interest in relation to the running of ALDE, as well as the advocacy we take part in on behalf of the wider land development industry.


The subcommittees fall under various categories:

Strategic – assist with the operations and directions of ALDE as an organisation.

Technical – assists with the advocacy with different authorities and stakeholders.

Regional – offer a region specific approach to local issues.



The goal of each subcommittee is to create communication lines within each area to allow fast and effective feedback to and from the Executive Committee, to resolve any issues as needed. All subcommittees are advisory only and can only act as directed by the Executive Committee. Sub-committees are required to meet at least 4 times per year. 

An Executive Committee Member is required to be included in each of these subcommittees. 

The full list of ALDE Subcommittees are:

  • Safety & Environment Committee
  • Training Committee
  • Media & Communications Committee
  • Telecommunications & Gas Committee
  • Electrical Committee
  • Local Government Committee
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Governance Committee (Closed to Executive board)
  • Membership Committee (Closed to Executive board)
  • Future Directions Committee
  • Young Engineers in Land Development (Yeild)

The Regional Subcommittees are:

  • Geelong Committee
  • Gippsland Committee
  • Shepparton Committee (proposed)

An ALDE representative is also invited to participate in a number of relevant external industry groups as part of our relationships with particular organisations.


 Applications for the Female Observership have now closed and will be announced in February 2022.


Program Overview

ALDE will be launching a Female Observership Program in 2022 which will give women an opportunity to observe the Executive Board up close. This initiative has been taken as since ALDE was formed in 1994, there has only been a single female member nominate and serve on the board. This will enable the board to have a greater field of vision in terms of engaging with our members who may not feel that they are not represented on the board. 


The intent of the position/s are to:  

  • Contribute to the development of future female leaders; and 
  • Use the position as a training opportunity for females with potential to move into subcommittee roles and/ or the Exec board 


The Observership begins with the first board meeting of 2022 and finishes with the last. 

  • As part of the application, Observer/s agree to the Program’s confidentiality terms. 
  • During the Observership year, ALDE will facilitate Observer/s attending all board and any relevant subcommittee meetings as non-voting members so they can both contribute and learn about fundamental principles and functions of the board, the role of board members, the decision-making process and governance priorities. 
  • Board minutes will note that Observer/s are present in the capacity as Observer/s and not as Directors.
  • The point of contact for the Observer/s is the Executive Officer Karen Leoncelli, any questions about serving as an Observer/s on the board, including details for board meetings, board expectations of their Observer/s,behaviourand board culture. 


Benefits of the Female Observership Program 

  • Actively developing the next generation of leaders for the land development industry;
  • Inject a fresh perspective into the ALDE boardroom;
  • Involvement in strategic projects to deliver benefits to ALDE;
  • Observer can contribute to areas relating to their skill set through subcommittee involvement;
  • Strengthen the ALDE board renewal strategy 


For further information, requirements and to apply, please refer to ALDE Female Observership Program Flyer


The Female Observer/s are appointed through an expression of interest process that includes an interview.  

Observer/s will need to notify their employer of their participation in the Program to ensure their support when  

attending ALDE board meetings. 


This process is managed by the Executive Officer and a member of the Governance Committee. Female first year graduates are also eligible to apply for the position (subject to attendance at a previous ALDE event). They can serve a single term of one year. ALDE board meetings are typically held last Tuesday of the month (12 in total), observer/s will need to make themselves available to attend these meetings. 

Applications for the ALDE Mentoring Program have now closed and will be announced in February.

ALDE Mentoring Program Overview 

A selection of the ALDE Executive Board’s senior professionals will act as mentors for early career professionals seeking to get exposure to liaising with authorities in framing and reviewing policy. Participants will have the opportunity to broaden industry networks, attend selected board meetings, participate/ coordinate industry events as well as learn new skills and gain the knowledge required to progress as tomorrow’s leaders. 


The purpose of this is to cultivate the board members of tomorrow and provide the board with a fresh perspective and actively mentor the next generation of leaders.  


Mentoring Program Objectives 

Providing early career professionals opportunities to engage with experienced/ senior industry professionals, empowerment and building of confidence, through exposure to the wider land development industry. More specifically, the objectives are: 

  • Experience the benefits of getting involved with your Industry, 
  • Create connections in the industry, build relationships and networks, 
  • Develop leadership skills, and build confidence in your capabilities, skills and knowledge, 
  • Identify and plan to achieve your career goals, 
  • Promote connections between senior leaders in the industry and early career professionals, and 
  • Engage early professionals in peer-oriented development environments. 

NB: Places are limited to so don’t hesitate in submitting your application! 

For further information or to apply for the ALDE Mentor Program view the enrolment flyer 

 (Image used under license from


For the first time, ALDE will recognize engineering excellence in land development engineering with the inaugural ALDE Awards for excellence—it is the industry’s opportunity to recognise Engineering Excellence within land development engineering, amongst businesses and individuals. We have engaged the services of a production company with host Gavin Wood to bring this event in an engaging virtual format.

The ALDE Awards have been created with the purpose of:

  • Promoting the Land Development Industry
  • Promoting Consultant excellence
  • Promoting project and industry attributes and successes
  • Sharing knowledge, innovation & best practice
  • Providing networking opportunities

Businesses within the land development industry can see tangible benefits in:

  • Increased brand awareness and positioning in the industry
  • Positioning brand and products in the industry
  • Assisting with customer acquisition and retention
  • Providing opportunities for networking


The winners for 2021 are:




High Commendation: HARRISON SPURLING (Spiire)




High Commendation: SMEC



Winner: SPIIRE





High Commendation: BLUE FROG





Watch the livestream of the Awards Ceremony here 


For more details on the criteria refer to

The judges that assessed the entries were:

  • Maurice Stabb
  • Stephen Webb
  • John Chambers

Members are invited to close the year off as part of our annual Christmas Dinner.

Please note the new event date  – Wednesday 15 December 2021 @ 6.00 -10.00 pm at The Event Centre, Collins Street., Melbourne.

Please note this is a members only event and tickets are limited.

Sustaining Members will have specific ticket allocations (1 for Bronze level, 2 for Silver level, 3 for Gold level, 5 for Platinum level.) General Members and additional tickets $180 per person incl GST (subject to availability)

Individual members (employees of member companies are encouraged to contact their local ALDE representative before purchasing tickets.

RSVP by 08 December 2021 here

Enquiries & further information contact Karen



ALDE Christmas Dinner

When: 15 December 2021, 6.00 -10.00pm

Where: The Event Centre, Collins Street., Melbourne.

ALDE held our annual member’s Christmas Dinner this week. A great night was had by all at The Events Centre in the city. This year Steve Webb of City West Water received the ALDE Recognition Award from our President Rodney Jackson. The award acknowledges excellence in the advancement of our Land Development Industry and we thank Steve for his outstanding contribution.

Another great golf day at the Royal Melbourne Golf Course.

ALDE’s 2019 Golf Day was proudly sponsored by Winslow Constructions Pty Ltd. A great day was had by all and the guest speaker, Luke Richard (an ambassador for Beyond Blue) spoke from the heart about his own story of dealing with mental illness. Luke we appreciate you sharing your very personal experience to help raise awareness. We had no idea that the construction industry has some of the highest rates of issues relating to mental illness. And thank you to Winslow’s Big Blue campaign for shining a light on this issue for our industry.


At Charter, we are committed to a prosperous Australia. We work with our clients and industry to participate in what looks to be an exciting future.

Australia’s property market has remained a consistently growing investment target for foreign and local capital. Our property market is unique, inherently dynamic and constantly evolving. As the world within which we live and work continues to change we have a great opportunity to contribute to integral structural development that will help support our growing population, and provide for a vibrant future.

In recent years our business has expanded both nationally and internationally to grow with our clients, old and new, and the growth and evolution of our business can be attributed to our current and emerging leaders.

To learn more, here’s a short video

Grants and Planning! 
We are now well down the path to apply for government grants of up to 10 million dollars, these grant applications have required us to refine our plans and compile detailed data. To achieve this, we have had significant support from the team at Millar Merrigan who have a host of skills including but not limited to: Project Management, Urban Design, Town Planning, Civil Engineering, Land Surveying, Asset Recording, Building Design and Landscape Architecture and of course horse knowledge! Without this support we wouldn’t be able to have the correct information for our grant application to even be considered, so please make our gratitude known by supporting this long-standing, local business.

Meetings with Members of Parliament
Our meetings with Members of Parliament Cindy McLeish and Bridget Vallance have been successful and both MPs have been forthcoming in their support, providing us with further contacts and information to assist the project to take flight!

Yarra Ranges Council
Our next round of meetings is with Yarra Ranges Council to secure more local support for the Park. You can assist with this by sending letters to the Yarra Ranges council using our templated communication available at: the more people talking about YVEP the stronger our applications become.

Further Action
Yarra Ranges Council are developing a new Recreation and Open Space Strategy (ROSS).

The ROSS will replace the existing Recreation and Open Space Strategy (2013-2023), and will provide Council with the following outcomes:

  • A healthier, more active and engaged community (guided by Council’s Health and Wellbeing Strategy)
  • An open space network that sets Yarra Ranges apart, entices residents to settle and raise families, and supports universal access to physical activity, nature and the environment.

They are engaging with various stakeholders and community members to share their ideas and help shape the direction of the strategy. YVEP supporters have been identified as people who can provide further insight to the project, and so we invite you to participate in an online survey which will take approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

We also encourage you to share the survey link with the rest of your network. To access the survey, please click the following link: Live.Move.Yarra Ranges


Another great event is done and dusted for the year with the ALDE / Winslow Golf Day being held on May 28th at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Golf Course.

We had a fairly full course with over 100 members and their guests attending the day. Royal Melbourne proved to be a challenging course for many with it’s greater than average undulation. We were so lucky that the Weather Gods were shining on us for this event; it was a bit cool but with little wind and no rain until later that evening, we really got lucky.

Thank you to our sponsors for the day, without them we just couldn’t make this happen:

  • Winslow – for being our naming rights sponsor for the 10th consecutive year.
  • Lojac – for sponsoring the Drinks cart, Beat the Pro and Nearest the Hole on Hole 3
  • Breese Pitt Dixon – for sponsoring the Nearest the Pin on Hole 10
  • Beveridge Williams – for sponsoring the Longest Drive on Hole 12.


Official Handicap Winner, Robert Nassar of Lojac
Official Handicap Runner Up, Don Tasevski of Iplex
Official Handicap Third Place, Paul Williamson, Guest of T&T
Non-Official Handicap Winner, Brett McInnes of Azzona
Non-Official Handicap Runner Up, Cameron Lowe of Azzona
Non-Official Handicap Third Place, Dario Muscillio of Lojac
ALDE Members Trophy, Ashley Trigger of Spiire
NAGA, Zabi Dalili of Winslow
Top Team, won by Group 4B Azzona (Mark DiDomizio, Cameron Lowe, Brett McInnes, Dennis Viahopoulos)
NTP Hole 10, Tim Chamberlain of LDEng
NTP Hole 3, Marcus Drakes of BMD
Longest Drive Hole 12, Tom VanDerLey of Winslow
Beat the Pro, Mark Sutton of Winslow.


We have tentatively booked Royal Melbourne again for 2019, here’s hoping for another successful day!

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